Shareholding Structure

UNIPAR’s capital stock is composed of 103,876,158 shares, of which 36,308,767 are common shares [B3: UNIP3] and 67,567,391 are preferred shares.

The preferred shares are divided into: class “A” shares [B3: UNIP5], totaling 2,249,212 shares; and 65,318,179 class “B” shares [B3: UNIP6]. Type “A” shares are entitled to minimum priority dividend of ten percent (10%) per annum calculated on the portion of the capital stock constituted by this class of share. Dividends will not be lower than 110% of each common share. Holders of class “B” preferred shares are entitled to receive a percentage of dividends ten percent (10%) higher than that paid to common shareholders.

On September, 2022, UNIPAR‘s shareholding structure of common shares is:

Shareholders Common
Shares Stake
Vila Velha S.A. Administração e Participações 18,154,691 50.001%
Luiz Barsi Filho 5,055,000 13.922%
Intermares Participações Ltda. 4,289,785 11.815%
Treasury Shares 218,900 0.603%
Others 8,590,391 23.659%
Total 36,308,767 100.000%